Do not fear nor be dismayed, for the LORD God—my God—will be with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. —1 Chronicles 28:20

I was enjoying the start of my first whitewater rafting experience—until I heard the roar of the rapids up ahead. My emotions were flooded with feelings of uncertainty, fear, and insecurity at the same time. Riding through the whitewater was a first-rate, white-knuckle experience! And then, suddenly, it was over. The guide in the back of the raft had navigated us through. I was safe—at least until the next set of rapids.

Transitions in our lives are like whitewater. The inevitable leaps from one season of life to the next—college to career, singleness to marriage, career to retirement, marriage to widowhood—are all marked by uncertainty and insecurity.

In one of the most significant transitions recorded in Old Testament history, Solomon assumed the throne from his father David. I’m sure he was filled with “white-knuckle” uncertainty about the future. His father’s advice? “Be strong and of good courage, and do it; . . . for the LORD God—my God—will be with you” (1 Chronicles 28:20).

You’ll have your fair share of tough transitions in life. But with God in your raft you’re not alone. Keep your eyes on the One who is navigating the rapids. He’s taken lots of others through before. Smooth waters are just ahead.

I am safe when danger threatens,
For I’m trusting Christ the Lord;
Since He promised He’ll be with me,
Though I fear, my faith’s restored. —Hess

God will guide you through the rapids of change.