A little sleep, a little slumber…and poverty will come upon you like a robber

Proverbs 6:10-11

Many people find themselves living in spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and financial poverty every day. When lack of motivation keeps us from stretching beyond our own limitations, poverty on every level becomes one of the greatest travesties of life.

Many of us are snoozing our way through life without purpose or direction even though God has a plan for every single person. We live in a world where we can daydream and discuss our desires for decades without actually accomplishing anything. Our inability to press through this mindset of poverty can numb us to the point of merely existing rather than thriving from one stretch of faith to the next.

How do we keep from snoozing so that we don’t lose God’s purpose for our lives? We first recognize that God has a job for us to do in this lifetime. Since we don’t know the exact moment of our death, we take every day as a gift from God to accomplish His will. We don’t sleepwalk to work from morning to evening while drifting towards Friday. Instead, we show up ready and willing, seeking what God-interventions are happening that day.

Secondly, we refuse to settle for second-best in our daily choices. We will always be tempted to settle for the easy tasks that don’t require faith-stretching opportunities. Instead, we look for the impossibilities and believe in God’s purpose and plan to reveal His glory in a majestic way.

A Christian snoozer is going to be a loser in the end. We will all give an account of what we did with what God has given us. Get up and get busy–life is too short to miss the day of your visitation!


Dear Lord, I recognize my sin of not stretching my faith beyond the predictable. I pray for Your strength to press forward and awake to living life to the fullest. Amen.

In His Service,

Crystal McDowell Signature