Read: Mark 10:41-45

Whoever would be great among you must be your servant. (v. 44)

Who is the greatest person you can think of? Certainly there are many. George Washington comes to mind. So does Abraham Lincoln. These and many others have made their mark in history and will long be remembered for their greatness.

But in my experience, I have also met many who could easily be called “the unsung heroes.” You will not find their names in history books or on memorials dedicated to their achievements. Yet they are great—not in terms of accomplishments or discoveries, but because of their character, integrity, and their dedication to serving others.

They are not the James and Johns of the world looking out for “number one.” They are the selfless ones, who give of their time, talents, and resources for the benefit of others. They are found in every community—donating their time by working in the kitchen, serving meals, or going out on mission trips—serving wherever there is a need. And the most beautiful thing about them is that they do it quietly. They don’t want the publicity. They do it out of service to the Lord, and because they care about other people.

Someone once said that most people wish to do as little as possible and get as much as possible. Not these folks. They follow their Lord who “came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (v. 45).—John Koedyker

As you pray, ask God to help you follow Jesus in a life of service.