For you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness

James 1:3

In the eyes of those who are lost, Christians are seen as foolish people. Many brothers and sisters in Christ suffer because they simply won’t deny Jesus Christ. Some have lost loved ones, opportunities to succeed in work and/or academics, or their homes. Perhaps the persecution is less severe in the form of teasing, exploitation, or isolation. In any event, we recognize that our stance for righteousness isn’t celebrated. Rather, we are seen as less than intelligent and lacking common sense.

However, the battle from unbelievers is not so unexpected. The worst battle comes from within our hearts when we wonder to ourselves “is this faith or foolishness.” What will keep us from falling into an inward despair when our faith is weakened by disappointments, failures, or painful circumstances?

There will be days in our Christian walk when we will ask that question of faith or foolishness. We will be tempted to doubt God’s promises in His word because we can’t always see what is at the end of the tunnel. However, if we continue to take steps of faith–albeit baby steps–we will survive the test.

Our faith isn’t made stronger when everything goes our way. Rather, God allows times of trouble and uncertainty to lead us back to the cross and seek His face more diligently than we would if it were smooth sailing.

The world shouts out to us that we are a foolish people; however, they don’t know the same assurance of the Holy Spirit that we have. They can’t understand how just one verse of the Bible spoken at the right time can change our hearts immediately to hope and strength. It’s not foolishness but faithfulness in our daily walk with Christ that brings us the needed guidance in the right direction.

In His Service,

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