Let not him who straps on his armor boast himself as he who takes it off.

1 Kings 20:11

King Ahab was an evil and weak leader; however, God used him to defeat their enemies. When the Ben-Hadad made his bold proclamation to take over the Israelites, Ahab responded with, “Let not him who straps on his armor boast himself as he who takes it off.” He basically reprimanded that putting on his battle clothes is not the same as taking them off after a time of war.

As followers of Christ, we live in a day and age where men and women no longer have a fear of God. Sin is rampant and we must be wise in choosing our battles. God has ordained us to live holy and righteous lives in the midst of great rebellion of what is right. Our choice to live godly will certainly land us in places of adversity. As a result, we want to be wise and not rush into situations that we aren’t prepared to battle.

Sometimes we will choose to battle for what is right and the Lord will sustain us through the pressure. Other times, we will need to wait on the Lord for direction and wisdom in order that His will be done. Knowing the difference in choosing our battles is primarily determined by our willingness to spend time with God in prayer and careful Bible study.

We aren’t tossed to and fro by every whim and doctrine that is laid before us. (Ephesians 4:14) Rather we discipline our flesh to yield to the leadings of the Holy Spirit so that our choices of battle are clear and affirmed by the Lord. There is great joy when we discern whether to move forward or stand down because we know that God is with us in every way.


Dear Lord, I pray for the discernment on whether to push forward or scale back in the battles I see in my life. I know You are with me and will lead me in the right paths. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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