I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Psalm 139:14

Most of my life I have felt that I was not enough. I wasn’t smart enough, pretty enough, tall enough, creative enough, or that I even worked hard enough. Family and friends would say to me, “That’s not true…look at this or that you accomplished!” But inwardly, I’ve felt in my heart that I could’ve done better, said more or said less, wrote deeper, or love harder. I would’ve stopped altogether in whatever I set my heart to do if it wasn’t for the Lord.

The Holy Spirit beckons His children to trust Him in the darkness, in the confusion, and when the world seems utterly cold and lonely. He speaks gently in our hearts how we are specifically created to show His glory in everything that we do whether in the home, at work, or school.

We can’t be more than what He calls us to be and neither can we be less than what He calls us to be—unless we believe the devil’s lies that we are unlovable, unforgiveable, a waste of time, or useless. Satan speaks these lies to our minds to keep us from living the fulfillment of God’s purpose for us. He knows that if each one of us truly grasped our uniqueness and calling—His kingdom will suffer unimaginable damage.

Each of us alone is enough in God’s eyes. The world will do everything it can to tear down our dreams and purpose with hopes of cloning us into meaninglessness that drives us into depravity of thinking and living. We must do everything we can to harness God’s word in our hearts and minds regardless of the ferocity of evil that surrounds our homes, communities, and countries.

We are enough in Christ Jesus. We can stand with our heads held high and our hearts full of purpose because we are enough in Christ Jesus.


Dear Lord, I am enough in You. Help me to show Your glory in everything I do because I am enough in You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

In His Service,

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